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At EPG we value quality design. We dont let anything get in the way of creating the best possible solution for each project. Through our process we set the bar high for designing places that push the boundaries of creativity, place making, and beauty that ultimately leaves our clients with a smile. Through our deep roots in Planning and Landscape Architecture, there isn't a project too large or too small that we cant turn into a thriving environment.

EPG’s planning+landscape architecture (design) studio is a collaborative group of professionals who have come together to create spectacular thriving communities and places. Our design solutions respond to their setting and celebrate the unique characteristics of each site. They are systematically designed to go beyond just being sustainable to creating thriving environments that enhance the human experience, enrich quality of life, and are environmentally and economically sound. At EPG, our design services join together with our science-based environmental planning services to create complete, connected, livable, and sustainable solutions that are truly creative and environmentally responsive.


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