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Caree Ashby Griffin
Senior Landscape Designer, Phoenix, Arizona

Caree has been “landscaping” since she was four years old. She spent her youth working with her family in their landscape maintenance business and fell in love with drawing and designing landscapes in high school. Her background with plant materials and irrigation systems followed her to college where she studied Landscape Architecture and, ultimately, finished up with a drafting degree. She has been fortunate to work with many talented landscape architects and designers translating their collective ideas into a full range of planning and design graphics and construction documents. She continually strives to balance creative design with the technical and maintenance aspects of projects—knowing from experience that a project that is easy to maintain lasts longer and looks better in the long run.

“I love the beauty of the natural world and helping to provide places for people to experience it, whether it’s a park to spend time with family and friends or landscaping around buildings to please the eyes of people passing by.”
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