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Valerie Perkins Headshot Color.jpg

Valerie Perkins, ASLA
Landscape Designer, Phoenix, Arizona

As a recent graduate of ASU in landscape architecture, with a minor in urban planning, Valerie strives to include the knowledge of low impact development and desert-adaptive design to enhance all the projects on which she works in the desert Southwest. Valerie is adept at working with many clients to take their vision and make it a reality with her skills in computer aided drafting and design, as well as other graphic rendering programs. Valerie’s major goal in life is to “save the world, one design at a time” through thoughtful and creative approaches to implement long-lasting and sustainable solutions. The challenges of designing different project types such as city parks and streets is fulfilling because the public and the Earth benefits from the work being done.

“A walk through the woods is not just a walk, it is time to feel your connection to the Earth.”
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