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San Tan Expansion

Gilbert, AZ

Salt River Project (SRP) is proposing to expand the existing Santan Generation Station by adding an additional 825 MW of gas-fueled generation to the current site. EPG was retained to assist in the planning process and preparation of the application for a CEC from the State Siting Committee and ACC.


The planning process for the Santan Energy Station Project focused on selecting the optimum on-site location(s) and potential site mitigation for the proposed 825 MW power plant facilities as well as enhancements for the existing plant site and adjacent areas. Studies included the evaluation of land use, recreation, visual, and biological resources. In addition, EPG developed and facilitated a community working group composed of representatives from the town of Gilbert, school districts, economic development organizations, businesses, and local residents. EPG participated in several open houses.  We prepared a variety of mitigation alternatives and developed design concepts for enhancing the area adjacent to the plant site. This approach was in response to localized issues raised by the community working group and other adjacent residents. Our efforts also included the preparation of several visual simulations illustrating potential views of the facility as well as various architectural treatments. An architect was retained to develop alternative architectural treatments of the facility that included several facades as well as stack configurations. Based on public input, a simple configuration was selected and no façade was preferred.


EPG provided expert testimony before the State Siting Committee regarding the environmental studies we conducted, proposed mitigation and enhancement treatments, and the community working group process. Based on the request of the committee, we also developed a follow-up process for working with the local community to further develop mitigation concepts involving local residents, the town, and SRP. The project received committee and ACC approval.

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