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Bingham Junction Park

Midvale, Utah

The City of Midvale tells a story of transformation. Originally a Superfund site, the city has developed into a vibrant, technologically focused destination—a new “Silicon Valley of Utah.” In an effort to develop projects that celebrate this new identity, the city hired EPG in 2016 to design Bingham Junction Park. Inspired by a circuit-board theme, EPG designed the 10-acre multiuse park with pathways and seating structures that connect and unify amenities and plug in to the circuit board of the park. The restroom building was inspired by the CPU and functions as the central gathering space. The park also features a basketball court donated by the Jazz, as well as a baseball field and play area, all within easy view for supervising parents.

The site functions not only as a park but as a regional retention basin adjacent to the Jordan River. Careful design and planning accommodates the 100-year flood plain while protecting major features within the park. A high-efficiency irrigation system and subsurface drip tubing reduce overall water use.

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