Mariah Flogel, ASLA

Landscape Designer, Phoenix, Arizona

Following an outstanding internship with EPG, Mariah joined our group full-time in 2017 and has proven to be a great contributor to our team. She is experienced with a variety of Landscape Architecture tasks, including design, planning, and preparation of construction documents for multiple project types such as parks and trails, canal and streetscapes, as well as public agency and residential developments. Being detail oriented and thorough in the design process, she takes a practical approach to problem solving for the best possible product for our clients. She is also experienced in completing visual sensitivity research, outreach, and geolocation of data, as well as coordinating data input and automated production of VRI forms through Access and InDesign integration.

"I aspire to use the materials provided by nature to enhance the beauty of our surroundings through sensible design."

602-956-4370 x 1038