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Holly Powell

Landscape Designer, Salt Lake City, Utah

Holly is actively involved in planning, designing and developing projects that engage people and enhance the environment.  She has lived in the west and developed a fascination for all things lovely in nature from the farmlands and pastures of rural Idaho to the mountains and forests of Utah and onto the unique flora and fauna of the Sonoran and Mojave deserts.  A love of nature, art, science, perpetual education and desire to assist others drives her to provide services that offer thoughtful, reflective, and dedicated programs.  She works alongside teams that provide opportunities to bring nature, science, infrastructure, and people together in everyday life.  For this life is but a mere flash of an existence on a beautiful planet we call earth.  Let’s work together to make every moment great.

“Let’s give them something to think about.  Great planning and design does more than solve problems and create beauty, it inspires us to think about the surrounding environment, daily living, family, business, our world, and how interconnected each aspect is to our forebears, our life, and our posterity.”

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