Dave Wilson, PLA

Principal Landscape Architect, Phoenix Arizona

Dave serves as a Principal Landscape Architect for EPG. Through his educational training and 38 years of professional practice across the southwestern United States, he has acquired a comprehensive understanding of the unique environmental conditions associated with this intriguing arid region. Dave has the expertise to apply creative, desert responsive design solutions to a wide array of multi-disciplinary projects. Serving as project principal, project manager, and/or lead designer, depending on the needs of the project or the structure of the design team, he has directed projects that range in scale from ¼-acre urban design pocket parks to regional planning studies for areas as large as 65,000 acres. His successful direction of multi-disciplinary teams on significant award‑winning projects attests to his excellent communication and organizational skills, integrated with the creative design process. Dave has demonstrated a strong commitment to achieving the budgetary and schedule requirements of a project while maintaining a high standard for design excellence, technical accuracy, and end-user satisfaction.

"Landscape Architecture, the nexus between nature and neighbors."


(602) 956-4370